Welcome to BrandEnergy Research

We conduct bespoke qualitative and quantitative market research, customer satisfaction, employee, corporate reputation and social research in the UK.

Our clients are drawn from the public, private and NGO sectors. We aim to undertake research that is thoughtful, creative, actionable and performance enhancing.


Corporate reputation research

Establishing how your organisation is perceived by its key stakeholders so that corporate communicators can manage their communications more effectively.


Employee surveys

Understanding how your employees engage with their job, the organisation and its management and the issues that undermine their effectiveness at work.


Customer satisfaction research

Understanding what drives or undermines your customers’ commitment to you so that you can manage your customer relations, product and service offerings and marketing communications more effectively.


Marketing Research

Establishing how your products/services are positioned in the market, the factors that underpin or undermine this and the effectiveness of your marketing communications.


Social Research

Establishing how the public relate to specific social and political issues from housing to crime, health to local services.


Consultancy and Training

Advising organisations and training staff in research methods and skills and how to get the most from both their internal and external research.